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01/13 - Catskill Dry Flies

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When most people think of fly fishing for trout they often think of "Dry Fly" fishing. Images of casting small mayfly imitations to rising fish come to mind on their favorite trout stream. This is part of the reason fishing dry flies for trout is so popular as well as the simple fact they catch fish. The modern dry fly has a long and storied past with many of the classic patterns coming from the Catskill Mountain region in the early 20th century. Catskill dry flies have a very unique shape and tying method that works with many dry fly patterns.
This class will focus on three well know and productive dry flies and tying them in the Catskill Dry Fly style. The main focus it to learn three different types of classic Catskill wings and three different Catskill style bodies. All three are very similar and even use some of the same materials however with slight variations they work for many different hatches.

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