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02/03 - Articulated Smallmouth Streamers

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There are many great streamer patterns out in the fly fishing world these days. It seems that there has been a bit of a streamer renaissance in the last ten years with more and more fly fisherman and women swinging streamers. Many of these patterns are single hook patterns that do very well all by themselves but a few are articulated with adds a whole new dimension to the action of the streamer.
Articulated streamers are not usually difficult to tie. Often they are basically the same fly just joined together to give the fly more action. In this class we will be tying two proven patterns that are easy ties but will introduce the fly tier to articulated streamers. We will discuss colors of flies, various material alternatives as well as various ways to add the articulation.
If you like throwing streamers and want to add more life like action to your fishing this next season, come on in and learn about articulated streamers

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