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02/10 - Classic Freshwater Streamers

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There are more fly patterns being fished today then ever before and many are very productive.  Using new materials, new hooks, and tying in new ways has produced many hours of fun fly tying and fly fishing.  However, the old patterns that have been around for many years (even hundreds of years) are just as productive today as they were when considered "new". 

Streamer fishing is one of the oldest methods of fly fishing around.  There are many great streamer patterns being fished these days and many of the "classic" patterns are still used everyday.  We have many people who tie flies inquire as to how to tie some of these classic patterns.  Some people what to fish them and some simply want to tie some flies that are traditional, colorful and timeless.

This class is designed to teach tiers some great classic streamers that look great and fish every well. Whether you are wanting to start a new fly tying style or looking to add some great flies to your fly box for your next outing, come by this Saturday and have fun tying some classic streamers.

The class page has all the information on what tools are needed for the class.


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