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03/17 - White Bass Flies

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Around central Indiana it is not the trout opener that most fly fisherman look forward to but rather the annual White Bass run. This usually occurs in May but sometime (like last year) it can happen early and begin in April. Basically what happens is that the shad run up stream to spawn and so do the White Bass (as well as Hybrid Bass). The great thing is that the White Bass continue to feed on the shad and because they are in a river system they are a "captive audience" for fly fisherman. Meaning, once you locate them you can usually catch a great number of them.
As far as flies are concerned, most any fly in a white/flashy/flowy configuration works well. Sometimes you might have to add a little weight to help the fly get down to the fish but with water temps rising the White Bass are usually pretty cooperative in chasing flies.
We will focus on three proven patterns in this class that have caught many, many White Bass in the spring over the years. Plus we will discuss the various ways to fish these flies.

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