Intermediate and Skills Development Tying Class





Class: Working with Deer Hair
Date/Time: May 27, 2017, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Maximum Size: 10
Instructor: Ian Anderson
Cost: $20.00


Synopsis of Class

With as much warmwater fly fishing here in the Mid-West many people love to throw deer hair poppers through out the summer for bass and panfish.  Among fly tiers, spinning deer hair is one of the most requested techniques we get asked to teach.  It isn't that working with deer hair is that difficult but rather not as intuitive as other tying techniques.  What most people do not know is that you can easily make great looking hair bugs with other techniques than just 'spinning' the hair..


Our Working With Deer Hair class is designed to help people learn how to work with deer hair using a number of techniques including spinning. Since this class is designed more for working with one particular material and techniques for using said material we will actually only be tying one fly for this class.  We will spend the first half of the class learning the various techniques for working with deer hair and then the later half actually making the Tap's Bug using whichever technique the tiers choose.  Along with how to just get the hair on the hook students will be learning how to trim their creation as well as other finishing touches..



All tying material will be provided. You will need to bring the following tying equipment.

  • A vise
  • A bobbin
  • Tying Thread for this class,
    - White 100 Denier Wapsi UTC GSP
  • Hair Stacker
  • Hair Packer
  • Head Cement
  • Zap-A-Gap
  • Bodkin
  • Scissors (Good sharp scissors!)
  • Half hitch tools and/or Whip Finish Tool





The flies you will tie in this class are,





Taps Bug 

Recipe Sheets


You can sign up online, call us at 317-570-9811 or send us an   to enroll in the class. Just make certain to enroll today!