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06/10 - Smallmouth Crayfish Patterns

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Warm days of summer mean crayfish in the streams. And Crayfish mean Smallmouth Bass here in central Indiana. Our streams are finally stable and the water is clearing so now is a great time to head out to you favorite stream and throw some crayfish flies at the smallies. Crayfish are a major food source for the Smallmouth Bass in the summer months. You should not be heading out the stream with out a few of these flies with you. Often when all else fails, crayfish will save the day.

Here are three flies we will tie up in this class, all well proven patterns for smallmouth. All are usually tied on larger hooks however, you can tie them on smaller hooks (size 10 and smaller) for trout. They are simple patterns to tie up and you can quickly tie up a batch of them for your next outing.

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