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11/04 - Epoxy & UV Resin in Fly Tying

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In fly tying there are always new products that come out to help make new flies, catch new fish or just make a better fly. Epoxy is a product that has been around for many years and has been used in fly tying for about as long. However, there are positives and negatives to using epoxy in your fly tying.
In an effort to overcome these negatives, while keeping the positives, in the past few years UV resins have come on the market to be used as an epoxy substitute. While they do address some of the negatives of epoxy they also add in their own set of drawbacks. Like most things in life there is no one product that can do it all.
This class is designed to educate fly tiers to the plus' and minus' of both epoxy and UV resins in fly tying. We will tie three simple straightforward flies (two of each) and then apply both epoxy and UV resins to each fly so the tiers get some hands on time with the products. At the same time we will be discussing ways to get around some of the short comings of both as well as instances where one product is better than another.

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