Fall Smallmouth Streamers in Saturdays Tying Class

Fall is officially here! The waters are clearing up and cooling down. That means the Smallmouth around Indiana will turn their attention away from the surface and the crayfish on the bottom and start focusing on baitfish. A one to two inch baitfish has tons of protein and are just what these fish need to pack on some extra weight before the waters get cold.

This Saturday we will be focusing on three proven Smallmouth streamers that are great for the fall bite. The Fish Skull Zonker is a wonderful pattern for getting deeper in the water column. The Thundercreek works great in shallower and fast moving water. lastly, the Hairy Fodder works wherever you want it. Being able to change out the weight on the Hairy Fodder makes it a great fly to fish anywhere it needs to be.

Come by Saturday at 2:00 pm for our next Intermediate and Skills development Fly Tying Class and get ready for the Fall Smallmouth bite!