Learn about Epoxy & UV Resin in Fly Tying This Saturday!

Join us this Saturday for our next Intermediate & Skills Development Fly Tying Class where we will be focusing on the use of Epoxy & UV Resin in Fly Tying. Epoxy has been used for many years in fly tying and has many applications. However, not all Epoxy's are alike. In this class we will get some hands on experience with a couple of types of Epoxy and discuss their applications. 

UV Resin's, on the other hand, are a more recent product to the fly tying industry and are just now finding their niche in this craft. Often referred to as an "Epoxy Substitue", the UV resin's can be that an much more. However, they have thier limitations as well. In this class we will be using the UV Resin's on a couple of flies to see just what their strengths and weakness are.

Dust off your vise and thread and join us this Saturday for a fun afternoon of fly tying. Sign up Today!