Tie Flies This Saturday - Catskill Dry Flies

It is the beginning of a new year, winter is here, there is snow on the ground and, unless you are headed to warmer climates South, nobodies doing too much fishing. That's why Winter is prime time for our Intermediate & Skills Development Fly Tying Classes. Classes to help people who are already tying flies keep tying and get ready for the next fishing season.

This Saturday kicks off our 12th year of these classes and it will start out with a favorite, Catskill Dry Flies. Everybody loves trout fishing and what better way then to catch them on the surface during a hatch with a fly you tied slowly gliding along the top of the water. That is exactly what Catskill style dry flies are supposed to do. Glide along the surface looking like a natural that the trout can't resist.

This class will focus on three great Catskill Patterns. However, it will also focus on the things that make a dry fly a "Catskill" style fly. The three flies will focus on three different types of wings common to Catskill patterns as well as three different body types.

The Class will start at 2:00 p.m. this Saturday (January 13th) and only costs $20.00. All the materials are provided and the fun is always a bonus. Take a look at the class page for the tools you will need and the flies you will tie. You can sign up online if you like (advised to make certain you have a seat) or show up the day of class. Either way, stop by FlyMasters this Saturday for some fly tying fun and brighten up your winter!