Tie Some Articulated Smallmouth Streamers

Join us this Saturday for our next Intermediate & Skills Development Fly Tying class where we will be tying Articulated Smallmouth Streamers. Articulated flies add a whole new level of action and movement to a fly, motion often that can not be resisted. Smallmouth Bass love baitfish and any fly that wiggles and shimmies more like a real baitfish has a much better chance at attracting a strike. 

Articulated flies are not difficult to tie and can be quite fun. We will focus on two very popular articulated streamers in this class. Plus with a little imagination you can use these as the basis for many different variations to work on the waters you fish.

Check out all the information about the class, the flies we will tie and the tools you will need and then sign up today. This is the perfect time to learn some new flies and stock up for spring. Warmer days will be here before you know it.