Tie Some Steelhead Streamers at FlyMasters

Join us this next Saturday (October 7th) for our next Intermediate & Skills Development Fly Tying Class and tie up some great Steelhead Streamers. Steelhead season is just around the corner and the first (and best) Steelhead bite is the "Streamer Bite" If you have never hooked into a fresh Steelhead while swinging a streamer than you have not experienced all that life has to offer! When the waters are still warm (by Steelhead standards) and the fish are hungry they will travel to slam a meaty streamer and you practically get your rig jerked from your hand. 

We will be tying three popular ad productive patterns that have been used for many years to fool these finicky fish. All three are easy ties and can easily be varied up to meet whatever your preference is or conditions dictate.

Class starts at 2:00 pm and is only $20.00! You walk away with three flies you tied, the knowledge and as always great memories of a wonderful afternoon at FlyMasters. Sign up today!