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Being in the fly fishing business for 30 years we have heard it all, several times. Most recently, Euro nymphing rods are exploding into the offerings of all the companies. Euro Nymphing was created by anglers who did not know how to tell if their flies were on the bottom of the river. So they added a bunch of weight to flies, used thin tippet and their flies reached the bottom. Trout eat over 90% of the food on the bottom of a river, what they eat lives 95% of its life on the bottom of the river, so fish on the bottom of the river and you will get more bites! Tenkara rods are well suited for this style of fishing, and their length is more versatile than standard fly rods. FlyMasters has in stock all the Zen Tenkara Rods. Check out the amazing Karin Miller on Zen Tenkara utube!

To help you filter out the what is most important about a nymphing rod here are the three most important facts about longer flexible nymphing rods. 

1. A longer rod for nymphing gives you the advantage of picking up line faster and getting pressure on the hook quicker. Drag free drift requires slack whether you are fishing a dry or wet fly.

2. The flex of the longer rod can help you use a lighter tippet. It absorbs quick movements of fish and allows for an aggressive hookset. 

3. After hooking the fish the longer rod enables you to pull more vertically on the fish. This tires out the small muscle group of the fish, pectoral fins, which shortens the fight and does not excessively fatigue the fish.

If what you are reading is not mentioning any of these points, turn the page and click on something else. Or better yet, come and see me at FlyMasters of Indianapolis.