Prespawn Smallmouth

With the weather starting to warm Smallmouth will begin to make their move to spawning habitat. Here are three points that will help you find the bass.

1. Do you own a thermometer?! When the water reaches 48-52 degrees smallmouth begin to move towards staging areas for spawning. How can you possibly know water temperature without a thermometer. The Fishpond Swift Thermometer is available on FlyMasters website.

2. You can find that warm water in areas with the most southern exposure. That water will warm sooner than the rest. The direction of the wind is also important. The shoreline that is receiving the wave or wind action will warm first.

3. Lastly, gravel areas that are protected by some type of structure will be the areas that smallmouth will want to spawn close to. Look for transition areas close to those eventual spawning areas and cover that water around those locations. Also, areas that tend to easily muddy up is not a welcomed spawning location. Lots of casting will be in order as you locate these bass. But we've been waiting all Winter and its time to go!

You might ask my favorite fly for this time of year, it is the Spinner'd Minner. The movement of the blade makes its presence known. For those of you who are unaware of fly fishing history, the first spinnerbait was made for a fly rod in 1892. That year an angler named Hildebrandt, who lived in Logansport, Indiana, crafted the "Little Flicker". Subsequent fly fishermen snubbed the fly for pattern that were less effective. Use what you want, it is YOUR TIGHTLINE!