What Rod to Buy?

It can be fun to pick out a new fly rod. You can start by reading about what others thought or experienced. Look at the different price ranges for fly rods. And sometimes you can try out a specific rod. We have seen it all in the past 30 years and for me it comes down to three important steps to remember when you buy your next rod.

1. Mail order brides, mail order rods. The first is obviously more risky but buying something you have no experience with is a risk. 

2. Don't expect your experience to be the same as a friend or someone who wrote a review about a rod.  The most important experience is your own. The service we offer is helping you ask the informative questions. Come to the shop and hold, cast, and take a close look at what you are buying. We got the lines and poles.

3. We will hide the prices and let you make your own judgement. If your first pick is not in your budget, then you go to the next choice. When you make the choice you will have more confidence when the rod is used. The information you gather by a visit to the store will pay great dividends when you go fishing. 

We have spent the last 30 years 

helping people pick great tools for angling. 

We look forward to helping you with your next rod.