Whiting Farms Introductory Pack, 4 Half-Capes

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These introductory packs from Whiting Farms contain top quality hackle from America's premier supplier of dry-fly hackle. Each pack contains 4 half-capes in colors as specified. The packs are an excellent choice for the tyer who just getting started or ties a small to medium volume of dry flies each year. Each pack gets you an assortment of the most popular colors at a modest price. These Introductory Packs are not graded, but their quality is at least equal to, or better than, Whiting Farms' Bronze Grade.

Item A: Four (4) Half Capes: One each of grizzly, brown, black & medium dun. Capes are the best known source of dry fly hackle and come with feather sizes to fit the widest array of hook sizes(6 -18).

Item B: Four (4) Half Capes: Identical to Item A except for colors included: One each of grizzly, brown, white & medium dun.


Item C: Four (4) Half Capes: Identical to Item A above except for colors included. One cape each of Brown, Grizzly, White & Black.

If you do not see your exact color combination, call us at 317-570-9811. We may be able to put you a package together of the colors that you want.

Please note that all feather sales are final. We are unable to offer returns on feathers.

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