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Instructor - Jon Widboom






“My whole experience was outstanding. Jon from FlyMasters is extremely knowledgeable
and a very good teacher. Thank you for this great experience.” - Mark B., Indianapolis




Learn fly fishing basics in three easy phases. Designed for the beginner. The school offers on introduction to fly fishing, basic equipment, casting techniques, playing and landing fish. Divided into three easy phases to allow you to gain the most out of each session.

Phase I of our school is done by appt Monday thru Saturday when you have 2 hours to spare.. You only need to attend ONE Phase I. Just call Jon Widboom at FlyMasters (317-570-9811) to get an appt for Phase one.


If you need equipment let us help you buy it after Phase one. Part of the purpose of this phase is to help you understand the different choices you can make base on what and where you want to go fishing. If you want to buy this for someone, give them a gift certificate to purchase equipment. If you already have equipment, bring it with you and we can make sure it is set up properly. 


Phase One: Introduction to Equipment and Knots


Location: FlyMasters Store


Time: Arranged by call Jon Widboom at FlyMasters. During 2023-24 this phase may occur

during the day as needed.


Content: Introduction to Fly Fishing and available equipment. Basic knots. This phase should

answer any questions you have about fly fishing.


Phase Two: Basic fly casting and still water fly fishing.


Location: On the water - Casting pond, about 10 minutes from FlyMasters.


Time: The student establishes class times with the instructor, i.e. by appointment. These are

usually one on one instruction. Pond location is coordinated with the instructor at the time

the appointment is scheduled.


Content: Basic casting and pond/lake fishing techniques.


Phase Three: Moving water and stream techniques.


Location: On the water - Stream, about 10 minutes from FlyMasters


Time: The student establishes class times with the instructor, i.e. by appointment. These are

usually one on one instruction. No special clothing, just some shoes you can get wet. 

Stream location arranged at time of making appt.


Content: Casting and techniques used to fish streams or moving water.

Classes are usually on an individual basis, arranged around your schedule. Sessions will very in length from two to four hours. It is best to have your own equipment to practice between session however it is not needed in order to enroll in the Fly Fishing School. The cost for the entire school is $100.00 per person (all three phases). Upon completion of the school you should have the basic skills to start to enjoy the sport and art of fly fishing.


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Contact FlyMasters at 317-570-9811. You can also send   an e-mail if you have a question.