G.Loomis Asquith Fly Rods

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G.Loomis Asquith Fly Rods

The Asquith series is the culmination of global cooperation in design, materials, and manufacturing techniques. Built on Shimano’s proprietary Spiral X platform, the Asquith boasts superb power transfer from tip to hand, quick recovery, and increased sensitivity. Designed by world casting champion Steve Rajeff, the Asquith is an exploratory step into the future of rod manufacturing technology. With fast actions, generous power levels, titanium guides, and exceptionally light swing weight, all rods in the series excel in fishing situations where developing high line speed and making precise casts means success.

All of us at FlyMasters has a least one Asquith. They are all water rods (fresh or salt) because the Spiral X platform transfers power better than any rod on the market. They have a significant range of line weights that they can handle without feel awkward. Watch the video below for information on Spiral X.

The shootouts they have at Yellowstone Angler downgrades the Asquith only for the price it takes to have it repaired. Otherwise, they always come out on top. But remember this about G.Loomis, if you have any accident and break your rod, the G.Loomis Expedite program gets you a new rod in 2-3 days. Even overnight if you pay the extra shipping. No other rod company gets you fishing quicker than G.Loomis. You pay a flat fee, $250.00 for an Asquith, and get a brand new rod. No waiting, no more using a cheap backup or having to buy a cheap backup, you get a new rod!  If you have other brands you can wait for a repair several weeks. 

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