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 Warmwater Fly Fishing School


Our Warmwater Fly Fishing School is an advanced school. You need your own equipment, Indiana Fishing License and 2-3 years of fly fishing experience. Like our Fly Fishing School for Beginners this school has three phases. 

Phase One is a 2 hour instore class.

  1. A review of the book "Lunker" by Bob Underwood. Buy a used copy, get the hardback, you will be writing notes and underlining important parts of this book. The most extensive research ever done on Bass Fishing. Over 1700 hours underwater in the bass habitats tells you the particulars of why, when, and where a bass will take your lure. This is no shop or guide tails, these are experiences observed underwater when his friends were fishing for bass.
  2. Equipment for warmwater fly fishing: Rods, Reels, Lines, Leaders, flies.
  3. And if some people have tying skills we will teach a couple of exclusive flies designed by Derrick (HPU (Hook Point Up) Weedless Baitfish Fly)

Phase Two is a one hour session on the White River at 116th Street.

  1. Equipment check.
  2. Casting Instruction
  3. Fishing techniques with streamers and poppers.

Phase Three is a one day float on an Indiana River. This takes all day, no half days.

  1. Continue Casting Instruction
  2. Hooking and Landing Fish. 
  3. Bass Habitat

The Entire School is $275 per person. Payment is made on or before Phase One. 

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