FlyMasters of Indianapolis---The Last Fly Shop you will need.

I am often reminded by customers that they have been to other places in person or online and have not received solid instruction or service. They got a free line with their rod and reel purchase but cannot effectively use any of the three. They have watched several utube videos but can't duplicate movement on their lawn or in some pond.  While other retailers busy themselves with outwitting the online buyer, FlyMasters is busy teaching our fly fishing and fly tying schools and classes. And we have done this for 30 years. Other shops advertise great service and experience, FlyMasters does it!

For several of those years we have sold conventional equipment. New innovations in rods, lines, etc, rarely come from the fly fishing industry. In fact, the two most prominent baits used in conventional tackle got there start in Fly Fishing. The rubber worm and the spinner bait. Fly fishing developed the art of snobbery and found a way to not use the most effective lures for angling. At the same time they found a way to eliminate a great source for new fly anlgers, the conventional angler and children who have never caught a fish. It is these two groups which have been largely neglected by the fly fishing industry. 

We sell the best reels and rods available for conventional anglers, Shimano and G. Loomis. We also sell nightcrawlers, redworms, and wax worms. We caught our first fish on a worm and bobber and we want those kids coming in our store the first time they go fishing. And the conventional angler, when not greeted with snobberfication (word not found in Webster's dictionary) at the door would would love to learn how to catch a one pound bluegill in any farm pond. No angler needs to be nervous about the reception they will get walking into our doors, except those who insist on complete silence. 

We welcome you to our store anytime of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve is generally just a half day. We will enjoy your visit whenever possible!

Happy New Year!