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Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips

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Years ago, rabbit strips too fly tying and fishing to a whole new area of productivity and fun.  But these Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips have gone a long way to bring people back around to the quality of rabbit strips in their flies. Not only are they barred but the under portion of the hair is dyed a separate color from the tips! This gives these rabbit strips excellent contrast and presentation in the water.

We have these rabbit strips in two different sizes (widths) and all strips are roughly 12" long. The regular rabbit strips (sometimes called "Zonker" strips) are 1/8" wide.  There are four strips per package of the 1/8" strips. The larger (called "Magnum" are 1/4" wide. There are three strips in the larger size package.

The labels for the various colors can get confusing. We provided and image to the left to help clarify how the various colors are labeled. 

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