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Carefully developed to enhance tying performance, Ultra Thread has been engineered as a fly tying thread from the beginning. It is not an "off the shelf" thread as are many others. All of Ultra Thread's characteristics were carefully chosen to enhance its tying performance. 
  • Ultra Thread is produced in 4 different deniers (70, 140, 210, and 280) to meet the needs of every fly tyer:
  • Ultra Thread 70: This is a great size for tying the smallest of flies and for tying with low bulk on larger flies. It is the ideal choice for dry flies, nymphs, and midges size 14 or smaller. Available in 32 colors.
  • Ultra Thread 140: Excellent for the majority of flies, it is the perfect choice for size 2 – 16 flies. Due to its vibrant sheen and excellent color retention, it is a good substitute for floss on small flies. Available in 33 colors.
  • Ultra Thread 210: An excellent choice for saltwater flies and large streamers. Perfect for spinning hair on bass flies without being too bulky. Available in 18 colors.
  • Ultra Thread 280: Designed for tying the largest saltwater flies, spinning hair on bass bugs and as a substitute for floss for bodies and ribs. Use 280 on any large fly where you need the thread to be very bulky, such as building up a tapered head on a large saltwater streamer. Available in 20 colors.
  • Engineered specifically for fly tying
  • Available in 4 sizes and 33 brilliant colors to meet every fly tying need
  • Even the spool was designed for fly tying
  • Each spool contains 100 yards

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